Tournament rules

General Rules

  • Any violation against the rules will result in an immediate disqualify from the tournament.
  • Teams are only allowed to enter the AM Open Qualifiers, If there roster does not consist of a player whom participated in the TI5 Main event. Or if the team has already Qualified to the PRO-AM Finals from a previous AM Open Qualifier.
  • Check in starts 120 minutes before the tournament is started.
  • Teams can join and reserve a spot for the tournament before the opening of the the Check in. Each spot will be preserved until 30 minutes before the tournament start and all teams need to confirm their spot through a final Check in.
  • All matches are up to the Quarterfinal is played BO1.
  • Quarter Finals, Semifinal and final is played BO3.
  • 1st and 2nd place of each qualifier advance to the PRO-AM Finals.
  • No stand-ins allowed.
  • Each qualifier will be played over the course of five days.


  • For all questions and issues before the start of event, please use the contact form
  • For all questions during the Tournament make sure to have the team captain contacting the FACEIT live support. We don’t mind having you ask us questions or to help in any way we can.
  • An admins decisions must be respected and executed without delay.
  • English language is mandatory when a player contacts FACEIT live support.

Game Mode:

  • The mode to be played is Captains Mode for all matches.

Disconnects, pauses and crashes:

  • Pausing is not allowed during picks unless the captain disconnects.
  • If the game crashes during the picks, the game will be remade with the same picks.
  • If the server crashes once the game has started or heroes have been picked then the teams must pick the same heroes as originally picked.
  • Players have the right to pause the game if needed. Be sure to announce the pause in all-chat a few seconds before unless it is an emergency
  • The reason for the pause must be reasonable. Both teams must agree on resuming before resuming the game.
  • If a player disconnects, the player’s team should pause the game right away.
  • A team has the right to 10 minutes worth of pause per game. After that, the opponent team can resume unless an admin states otherwise.


  • If a team still has one or more AFK players after the 15 minute join-period has finished, the team in question will be disqualified.
  • If both players have an equal amount of AFK players, the higher Elo team will be advanced to the next round, but still receive a disqualification in the subsequent round.


  • A “No Show” will be given to teams which are 15 minutes late from the moment a game-room is created.


  • Flaming and bad-mouthing is not allowed. The players in question will be giving one warning.
  • No offensive team names or nicknames are allowed.

Choosing Sides:

  • Side and pick are decided by the client.

Bugs and glitches:

  • You are not allowed to use exploits in the game to your advantage. Each team is responsible to know about exploits that may affect the game.
  • If bugs are used intentionally to your advantage, your team will be disqualified from the current event.
  • If a game-breaking bug occur, you should pause the game, and contact an admin.
  • If the bug is noticeable for both teams and no pause is made, and admins are not contacted until the end of the game – the game result stands.

Game end

  • The game is over when either team’s Ancient Fortress is destroyed or when “GG” is called in all-chat.
  • When “GG” is typed, it’s a final surrender of the game.

If any of the above rules are not followed, admins retain the right to disqualify teams/players in question.