Tournament format

Hosted online via FACEIT, the tournament is broken down into two stages. During the initial stage starting in  September, eight amateur teams will qualify to the second stage in October, in which eight professional teams join them in a single elimination bracket

Amateur qualifications happen each weekend for four weeks, with the qualified teams being ready for November and the others free to try again in the next amateur qualifier. With the tournament being a lot about supporting up and coming Dota 2 players and teams, much of the prize pool goes toward amateur teams that do well during the AM Qualifiers.

The matches will be held on European servers. We encourage all teams from different regions that wish to play in the online open qualifiers on EU servers to give it a shot. It will still probably be less a painful experience than solo ranked games vs disco ponies, despite the ping.


Total $50,000

Pro-Am Finals Grand Prize


Pro-Am Finals Second Prize


Pro-Am Finals 3rd and 4th Prize

2x $2,500 = $5,000

Pro-Am Finals 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Prize

4x $1,000 = $4,000

AM Qualifiers, Pro-Am Qualification Prize

8x $2,000 = $16,000

AM Qualifiers, 3rd and 4th Prize

8x $500 = $4,000

Qualified teams*

PGL AM Qualifier #1
1. FBubble – $2,000 – Qualified
2. E-LAB – $2,000 – Qualified
3-4. SVW – $500
3-4. Enso – $500
PGL AM Qualifier #2
1. FF2015 – $2,000 – Qualified
2. GOOMBA – $2,000 – Qualified
3-4. HoN – $500
3-4. MiF – $500